Got.angry? geekery

System requirements

The game requires about 16 MB of RAM (64-MB installed is recommended) and a 1 GHz CPU. The video card may be nothing fancy: only its 2D abilities are used. The renderer is software, based on realtime raytracing, and is capable of doing some nice things (it is also why it is needlessly heavy).
You can benchmark your computer by passing the --bench command line option (in Windows you can do it like this: create a bench.bat file and put the following line in it:

gotangry --bench
Then, just run the .bat file)

Engine features/tuning

The game can be tuned from the "config.txt" file (if you don't have it, run the game once and close it - the file will appear, holding the default values). Most items there are boolean values (for example aa=0 means, that anti-aliasing is turned off. aa=1 means it is turned on. Similarly for most of the other options). Some of them are real numbers, for exmaple, speed=2.5 means that pawns travel at speed 2.5 cells per second. If you make it 5, they will move twice as fast

There are shortcuts to enable or disable most graphic features. Here's the list:

RToggles reflections
SToggles shadows
AToggles anti-aliasing
PToggles use of procedural texture for the board
BToggles bilinear filtering (used when texture is non-procedural)
F5Toggles cel-shading (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
FToggles focal blur (warning: extremely slow)
Q, W, E, TSets focal blur samples per pixel, respectively, to 4, 12, 50, 200

The board view may be changed with the mouse. Hold left mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the board. Hold right mouse button and move the mouse up/down to move farther/closer to the board. Hold the middle mouse button (if you have it) and move the mouse for panning. Logo